Request For Keys

In the event that you require additional devices such as keys, fobs and remote controls, these can be ordered through our office.

Please find below an application form to be used to request the device for your strata scheme. Please kindly complete the form and click submit button. 

Note For All Applicants: You must be the lot owner or an authorised person by the lot owner for the scheme. If you are a tenant, you must provide supporting documentation that you have approval from the real estate/leasing agent or the lot owner before submitting this application.

Upon receipt of your application, your strata manager will inform you of the process in your particular scheme/plan to obtain these access devices .  In most instances, an issuing fee will apply. Your strata manager will advise the cost of the items you have requested. 

Please noteYou will be unable to collect your keys from our office until your request has been confirmed and your payment (if required) has been received.The standard time frame between lodging your application and picking up the keys is 2 days.

Key Request Form

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